Vehicle Parking

Hazards Identified
Poor visibility, traffic and pedestrians, worker location, and exhaust fumes

Hazard-Specific Personal Protective Equipment
None specific to this task

Hazard-Specific Training
None specific to this task

Safe Work Practice

  • Except where prohibited by posted sign, park so that the vehicle can be driven forward when leaving the parking area.
  • Park in designated areas only.
  • Turn off the vehicle engine when parked. If necessary to keep the vehicle running, do not park within 3 metres of a building entrance, window or ventilation intake.
  • Use a guide person when parking in a confined area or an area with limited clearance, or when backing a vehicle with limited rear visibility.

Regulations, Standards and References
Occupational Safety General Regulations

Goals of the FSSNS

  • Save lives and reduce injuries.
  • Reduce all costs associated with work place accidents.
  • Improve profits.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Manage and establish ownership of industry managed loss control programs.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation rates.
The Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. It is a separate entity, having a Memorandum of Association and By-Laws. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, representing all sectors of the forest industry.