Tractor Trailer Loses Traction, JackKnifes

Hazard Alert

Tractor Trailer Lost Traction

A tractor trailer driver was attempting to drive up a hill. The gravel road was slippery at the time, and the tractor lost traction before cresting the hill. The truck and trailer slid down the hill backwards. Near the bottom of the hill the trailer jackknifed and slid off the road into the ditch.

Recommendations to Prevent a Recurrence

Exercise caution on slippery roads. Equip the tractor with tire chains on icy roads or do not attempt to haul if road conditions are poor.

Goals of the FSSNS

  • Save lives and reduce injuries.
  • Reduce all costs associated with work place accidents.
  • Improve profits.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Manage and establish ownership of industry managed loss control programs.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation rates.
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