Refuelling – Portable Containers

Hazards Identified
Fire, explosion, spillage of toxic substance, slipping

Hazard-Specific Personal Protective Equipment
Eye protection

Hazard-Specific Training
Fire extinguisher familiarization
Awareness of this Safe Work Practice

Safe Work Practice

  • Ensure a proper fire extinguisher and eyewash are readily accessible.
  • Use only CSA or UL approved containers.
  • Inspect container, caps, vents, hoses and nozzles regularly for leaks.
  • The contents of portable containers shall be clearly indicated on the container.
  • Check MSDS for proper grounding procedures if decanting (pouring from one container to another) the product.
  • Ensure no smoking or sources of ignition within 3 metres (10 feet) of the fuel transfer.
  • Fuel transfer should be carefully attended at all times.
  • Take care not to overfill the container. Consider volume expansion due to warmer temperatures.
  • Use nozzles, pouring spouts or funnels to help avoid spillage.
  • All spills must be cleaned up or reported to the dispatcher/base person/supervisor.
  • Do not refuel portable equipment or containers in truck boxes with molded box liners.
  • Ensure portable containers are located outside the passenger compartment and are secured against movement when transporting.
  • Ensure conditions are not filled while sitting in the plastic liner of a pickup truck.

Regulations, Standards and References
Occupational Safety General Regulations, section 50

Goals of the FSSNS

  • Save lives and reduce injuries.
  • Reduce all costs associated with work place accidents.
  • Improve profits.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Manage and establish ownership of industry managed loss control programs.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation rates.
The Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. It is a separate entity, having a Memorandum of Association and By-Laws. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, representing all sectors of the forest industry.