Processor Head Swings and Strikes Cab

Hazard Alert

Processor Head Slipped Off Tree

A processor operator was attempting to process a hardwood tree and had the “Hornet” head aligned with the boom and cab. The operator was trying to free the tree from the brush when the head slipped off the tree, causing it to swing towards the front of the cab and striking the windshield post. There was slight damage to the cab, but it did not break the glass. However, under slightly different circumstances, the momentum of the swinging head (approximately 4,000 kg) could have smashed through the metal safety bars protecting the windshield and entered the cab. The safety bars may not have prevented the head from entering the cab area due to the mass and momentum of the swinging head.

The limbing head was oriented towards the cab of the processor.

Recommendations to Prevent a Recurrence

Do not process wood with the butt of the tree directed towards the cab of the machine. Ensure the processing head is perpendicular to the carrier. Review safe operating procedures with machine operators.

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