High Pressure Fluids

(Hydraulic, diesel, grease, paint)

Hazards Identified
Skin penetration by fluid under pressure, burns

Hazard-Specific Personal Protective Equipment
Eye protection, leather or impermeable gloves (rubber, PVC, neoprene, etc.), coveralls or other complete skin covering

Hazard-Specific Training
Familiarization with this Safe Work Practice by a competent person

Safe Work Practice

General: Escaping fluid under pressure can penetrate the skin causing serious injury.  Fluid which has been injected under the skin must be surgically removed within a few hours by a doctor familiar with this type of injury to avoid serious medical complications.

  • A #2 First Aid Kit must be on site.
  • Before starting the job, ensure that you are wearing all necessary eye and skin protection.
  • Keep hands and body away from pin holes and nozzles which eject fluids under pressure.
  • When using equipment which contains fluid under pressure, avoid pointing toward yourself or another person.
  • Before servicing, refer to service manuals for proper procedure for relieving system pressures.
  • Relieve pressure before unhooking hydraulic or other pressurized lines.  Check pressure gauges for a zero reading.  If there is not a gauge, open valve or fitting slightly to ensure that pressure is relieved.
  • When repairs are complete, tighten all fittings and carefully inspect lines.
  • Use a piece of cardboard to search for leaks in the system.

Regulations, Standards and References
Manufacturer’s Manual and Safety Instructions for the equipment being used or serviced.

Goals of the FSSNS

  • Save lives and reduce injuries.
  • Reduce all costs associated with work place accidents.
  • Improve profits.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Manage and establish ownership of industry managed loss control programs.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation rates.
The Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. It is a separate entity, having a Memorandum of Association and By-Laws. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, representing all sectors of the forest industry.