Feller Gull Wing almost Collapses on Worker

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Feller Bunchers Gull Wing almost Collapses on Worker

When they’re open, the gull wing enclosures on a feller buncher are supported by a prop rod, much like the rod that holds open the hood of an automobile. In this case, a worker opened the gull wings to service a feller bunches but he did not use the prop rod to secure them. An O-ring on the hydraulically activated cylinder that operates the gull wings was damaged and the gull wing nearly collapsed on him.


The worker ignored standard safety practice, which is to ensure that the prop rod is securely holding the gull wing open when work is being done on the feller buncher.

Recommendations to Prevent a Recurrence

  • Mechanical systems such as the hydraulic cylinders that operate the gull wings should not be solely relied upon while doing repair or maintenance work. Available safety devices such as a prop rod should always be used.

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