Cutoff Saws

Hazards Identified
Eye and face injuries, respiratory conditions, hand and finger injuries

Hazard-Specific Personal Protective Equipment
Safety glasses with side shield, CSA Grade I foot protection, face shield, gloves

Hazard-Specific Training
Follow manufacturer’s instructions and use under the supervision of a competent person

Safe Work Practice

  • Wear proper protective equipment, which includes a face-shield.
  • Wear safety glasses at all times, and when harmful dust or vapors are present, use approved breathing protection.
  • Use the proper blade for the job.  Disconnect the power supply before changing the blade.
  • Fuel the saw in a well ventilated area (if the saw is gas powered), making sure the saw is turned off and has cooled.  Use the manufacturer’s recommended fuel mix.  Check the oil level.  Use safe containers for storing the fuel.
  • Make sure the guard is in place and functioning.
  • Make sure the handle is clean of oil and grease.
  • The choke should be used when starting a cold saw.
  • Make sure the cord is out of the way before cutting (if the saw is electric), and make sure there are no objects in the way that could be hurled by the machine, or cause it to kick back.
  • Both hands must be on the saw while cutting.
  • Before the saw is set down, be sure the retracting guard is fully returned to its down position.
  • Do not stand in water if the saw is electric.

Regulations, Standards and References
Occupational Safety General Regulations

Goals of the FSSNS

  • Save lives and reduce injuries.
  • Reduce all costs associated with work place accidents.
  • Improve profits.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.
  • Manage and establish ownership of industry managed loss control programs.
  • Reduce Workers' Compensation rates.
The Forestry Safety Society of Nova Scotia is registered under the Societies Act of Nova Scotia. It is a separate entity, having a Memorandum of Association and By-Laws. The Society is governed by a Board of Directors, representing all sectors of the forest industry.